Our Partners


The Wamtechnik  Company was founded in Warsaw in 1991 and is specialized in the market of battery pack customizing.  


Wamtechnik manufactures according to ISO 9001: 2008 – 2002 and is qualified to supply the Polish Army by AQUP 2110-2002 and NATO. The Qualification number is NCAGE 134H 2007.


During the last years we have been able to build up a worldwide suppliers network, which allows us to have access to almost all renowned brands of cells:

Panasonic, Saft, Samsung, A123 Systems


Our R&D Team supports your project from the first draft to the final solution, including CAD drawings from the battery pack as well as your housing.


Li – Ion technology for battery packs have been developed strongly during the last years. They are additionally controlled by electronic devices.  Microchips are used for protection of the cells and offer additional features like information about charging and discharging cycles to be recorded.


Wamtechnik develops this micro controlled electronics for your specific system demands.

The close relationship to our suppliers enables us to supply even small numbers of pre-production batches. For prototyping we use 3D-Printer technology.


The personnel  on our production lines are highly qualified and well motivated. They are all well experienced in fabrication of customized battery packs.


Constant training courses (Kaizen) ensures  optimization of workflow, which increases the efficiency of our manufacturing processes.



Test/ Certifications / Standards


We are able to carry out diverse test programmes as well as customer specific ones. For  instance battery life and capacity within specified temperature ranges. These are standard services.


Further certifications and Standards can be offered in Cooperation with partner companies:


UN 38.3

IEC 6213

UL 2054